About Us

JML Pest Control opened in 2008, with a passion for insects & animals. My fascination with insects began with an encounter with a praying mantis when I was only 5 years old. Born & raised locally, I take pride in being able to provide award winning service to each & every one of our customers.

My knowledge of animals and insects opened the door for me in the pest control industry, but I did not like the high pressure sales environment. It was about getting a customer into a contract or selling those jobs simply to meet a sales quota, while spraying whatever chemical you had in the sprayer, in order to hurry up to the next job.

Here at JML Pest Control, we take pride in educating our customers, only recommending services that are actually warranted based on real evidence & using I.P.M. (Integrated Pest Management) to make pro-active recommendations to deter pests with little to no pesticide use.

JML Pest Control is State licensed and insured. Our friendly pest control technicians are trained & certified by the PA Dept. of Agriculture and maintain credits by keeping up to date on the latest treatment methods as well as new & changing chemicals. We do this in order to ensure the newest, best & safest pest control service is what we are offering to you, our customer.

Children, Pet & Environmentally Friendly Solutions. Botanical Insecticides & Humane Traps are available.