Seasonal Pests


Our spring service is extremely effective in greatly reducing the risk of pests from nesting or becoming established in and on your homes or businesses. Spring is the start of the pest season. Over-wintering insects will start breeding, trying to establish nesting areas and are foraging for food and water sources. The spring application is designed to greatly reduce the risk of pests that are on the exterior, from becoming pests on the interior. We apply a 90 day residual perimeter treatment around your home to prevent the possible invasion of Springtime pests such as ants (including carpenter ants) bees / wasps / hornets, carpenter bees, spiders, centipedes, millipedes, crickets, flies, fleas, clover mites, earwigs, ticks and beetles. General Insect Service Includes exterior and or interior service. Spraying is done around the first floor doors and windows on the exterior and around the interior baseboards, basements, crawlspaces, bathrooms, kitchens and any other area that warrants spraying.

Termite Treatments and Inspections including NPMA-33 wood destroying insect reports are available for spring, summer and fall.


Summer is the peak of the season with the most aggressive pest activity. Including Bees / Wasps Ticks and Fleas. The spring protection treatment is no longer as effective, and you may begin to experience new pest issues. Old foraging and nesting patterns once broken, are now again becoming re-established. JML Pest Control will reapply the barrier around your home to prevent Summer time pests from re-establishing, foraging and/or nesting on or in your home thus protecting your family and home from any pest infestation. General Insect Service includes interior or exterior spraying for 75 of your most common household pests.


As the weather cools and the nights become longer pests will be looking for a place to over winter. Our fall treatment will help protect your family and home from unwanted guests looking for a free ride in your warm home. This is a great time to protect your home from Stink Bugs, Camel Crickets, Ants, Beetles, Spiders, Fleas and rodents

We offer many options for the fall including general insect spraying to the interior & exterior of your home as well as Power Spraying treatments for Stink Bugs.


Our Winter Treatment consists of Interior General Insect Spraying to help prevent anything that has made it in to over-winter from becoming established in your home or to ensure elimination of your most persistent and evasive insects already present. Rodent treatments are made to the interior and or exterior of your home as this is a very active season for rodents looking for food, water and warm nesting areas. Termite Inspections are also an option for this time of year.